Stem cell proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation are regulated by a range of molecular mechanisms. Growth factors, transcription factors, and other components of signal transduction pathways all combine to coordinate cell behavior. These signaling pathways can be modulated by naturally occurring and synthetic small molecules which bind to individual components of the pathway. When binding causes modification of the target molecule’s activity, the pathway can be disrupted. By targeting a particular pathway, it is possible to enhance stem cell proliferation and direct cell fate decisions. Cell Guidance Systems offers a growing range of bioactive small molecules at high levels of purity.

Exact Amount™

When using small pack sizes (below 10 mg), researchers typically resuspend the entire contents of the product in their resuspension buffer without a further weighing of the contents. However, for really small amounts how confident can you be in the accuracy of the weight stated on the label? For our smallest pack sizes, we provide data on the Exact Amount™ of product that is contained within the vial. You can then be assured that the concentration you obtain following resuspension is the concentration you want. All Exact Amount™ vials are measured using our Trade Certified state-of-the-art semi-micro balances set up in fume hoods with isolated fan enclosures for absolute balance stability and optimal accuracy. The amount of product included in each Exact Amount™ vial is specified on the label to two decimal places. For example, 2 mg vials will contain an amount that typically varies between 2.00 mg and 2.50 mg. This Exact Amount™ is stated on the vial label. Together with high quality and keen pricing, this is just one of the ways CellGS is helping scientists achieve their research goals.

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