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RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit

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The RNAstorm™ kit provides a convenient and efficient method of isolating RNA from fresh or frozen cells or tissue samples.

Product Description

Purify high quality total RNA from either cultured cells or tissue (fresh or fresh/frozen) in as little as 20 minutes. High yields (up to 120 μg) can be obtained using a simple and quick column-based protocol. Contaminating DNA is removed using a DNase treatment step, and the protocol avoids toxic chemicals such as phenol or chloroform.

  • High quality total RNA in as little as 20 minutes
  • Simple workflow yielding up to 120 μg of RNA
  • DNase treatment included
  • No phenol-chloroform and no ethanol precipitation
  • Isolate RNA for next-gen sequencing (RNA-Seq), RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, or microarrays

Higher RNA Yields

Total RNA was extracted from 107 Jurkat cells, mouse liver tissue (~8 mg) and calf liver tissue (~17 mg) using the RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit and a leading competitor kit. Concentrations were measured using Qubit. For all samples, higher yields were obtained using the RNAstorm™ kit.


High RNA Quality

Electropherograms of total RNA from 106 Jurkat cells, extracted using the RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit and a leading competitor kit. Post extraction samples were analyzed for quality using the Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 Nano assay. The RNAstorm™ kit delivered high quality total RNA with a RNA Integrity Number (RIN) of 10.


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