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Pronanosome Niosome Pegylated

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Your Pronanosome ready to obtain PEGylated nanovesicles in a fast and easy way. Available with all nanovesicles of our portfolio. PEGylated  nanovesicles are able to encapsulate a wide range of compounds in a fast and easy way.  In addition, these nanovesicles have a great stability,  an easily controllable size and great entrapment efficiencies. A complete protocol of use is attached with the product, if you still have questions or need more information about the product, we help you. Nanovex Biotechnologies offers free advice for all products.

PEGylated nanovesicles have high stability due the sterical repulsion.  The presence of PEG on the surface of the nanovesicles has been shown to extend blood-circulation time while reducing mononuclear phagocyte system uptake (stealth nanovesicles). This technology has resulted in a large number of nanovesicle formulations encapsulating active molecules, with high target efficiency and activity. Specially suited to “in vivo” assays. 

You can get the following PEGylated nanovesicles:

The main characteristics of the PEGylated nanovesicle (size, PDI, entrapment efficiencies,…) will be similar to the type of nanovesicle selected. E.g: Pronanosome Lipo-N-PEG will have similar characteristics to Pronanosome Lipo-N.

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