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The biocompatibility of gel beads in general and polyacrylate beads in particular, coupled with their ability to be porous, soft yet tough, allows them to
remain widely used materials in biological applications.

RAN Biotech’s compressible Functionalized Gel Beads (FunGelBeadTM) can be used to capture nucleic acids or proteins or to perform biology on solid surfaces in general. RAN Biotech has developed and optimized a process for making these beads reproducibly and at a large scale. They are available in different sizes and functionalities, magnetic and non-magnetic, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Gel beads that can be barcoded, dissolvable, superparamagnetic and/or customized for size and functionality (sequencing adapters, custom capture sequences, oligo dT, UMI, …). These gel beads are used in proven technologies such as InDrop, Drop-Seq, Seq-Well, CEL-seq, Single-Cell RNA sequencing, …. The mechanical properties of these beads support their use in conventional microfluidics, wells and particle-templated emulsion processes and can be adapted to custom workflows.

•RAN Biotechs’ gel beads can be customized for size and functionality depending upon
the desired application.
•RAN Biotechs’ deformable gel beads are monodisperse and can be used in microfluidic,
well and tubebased applications.
•Superparamagnetic gel beads are available.

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25, 50, 100

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D-100, D-25, D-50


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