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A full microfluidic system for Organ-On-Chip experiments. This fully integrated solution contains all the required microfluidics parts for researchers to reproduce numerous characteristics of the in vivo environment of cells and tissues.

Perform lung on a chip, kidney on a chip, gut on a chip… straight out-of-the-box! Dive into the cutting-edge field of Organ-On-Chip with Elveflow’s Pack!

Based on our best-selling OB1 pressure-driven flow controllers, this fully integrated solution contains all the required microfluidic parts for researchers to reproduce numerous characteristics of the in vivo environment of cells and tissues.


⇒Fully automate several days of experiment


⇒Smooth, pulseless control of flow rates and flow directions of media


⇒Full control of fluidic parameters in one or several parallel chips


⇒User-friendly equipment with quick setup and intuitive software


Elveflow’s Organ-On-Chip Pack setup uses one flow controller to flow a medium through a chip containing the organ cells. The software allows a very accurate and stable control of the flow rate over defined periods of time.

Fully customizable pack 

Whether you want to add multiple fluidic channels, customize your microfluidic chip or add a vacuum control, our microfluidic specialists can customize the pack so that it can best fit your experimental needs.

Organs-on-chips applications do not only have several advantages such as miniaturization, integration and low consumption, but also they allow researchers to accurately control the multiple parameters of a system such as chemical concentration gradient, fluid shear stress, cell patterning, tissue-tissue interface, organ-organ interaction and so on. They aim at mimicking the complex structure, microenvironment and physiological function of human organs.

These applications hold the promise of having a significant impact on improving the predictability of drug screening models and personalized medicine. Organ-on-a-chip technology supports these research areas by providing an environment that can mimic the human physiology and morphology in vivo better than traditional static cell culturing methods. Scalable organ-on-a-chip production is made possible by combining the technologies originating from both the semiconductor and molecular biology industries


Organ-on-chip microfluidic devices

The Organ-On-Chip Pack can be used with any commercial chip or self-made chip. MesoBioTech is a company offering chips dedicated to 3D cell culture and tissues. These chips were designed for reversible integration of various types of patches, including microfilters, membranes, nanofibers, tissue constructs, etc.

They are made of two plastic plates, each having an elastomeric thin film, four embedded magnets, and pre-patterned chambers and micro-channels. When a patch is placed between the two plates, the force between the four pairs of magnets ensures auto-assembling and the standard Luer connectors on the upper plate allow for easy interface between the inner and outer world.

There are several chip designs available for organ-on-chips experiments, depending on the type of organs that scientists would like to mimic and the experimental protocols. Elveflow is working closely with several organ-on-chips providers to supply the most suitable chip for your science.


Illustration of a microchip allowing reversible patch integration.

  • MesoBioTech
  • Ibidi
  • BeOnChip
  • Initio Cell
  • Synvivo

To help you determine your flow rate, pressure to apply, the best tubing resistance length for your setup, wall shear stress for biology applications, cell culture, and many more…

Elveflow provides its microfluidic calculator and…to make the most of our microfluidic calculator, find below a set of dedicated application notes:



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Elveflow’s expert in liquid actuation & flow control recommend the use of relevant chips such as the MesoBioTech solutions with these advantages:

    • In-vivo like extracellular matrix
    • Nature or synthetic biopolymers
    • High porosity
    • Easy handling
    • Easy device integration
    • Compatible with conventional culture


  • 1x MUX Distribution for sequential injection of medium
  • Additional pumping channels for flowing several media sequentially into the chip
  • Vacuum channel for inducing mechanical stretch in organ-on-chips (exp: gut-on-chip, lung-on-chip…)
  • Bubble Trap for removing all bubbles from the microfluidic setup
  • Pressure Sensors to measure pressure drop in the system
  • Mux recirculation Valve to enable recirculation of medium (see also our Microfluidic Recirculation pack)
  • Additional flow rate sensors
  • Computer
  • Microscope and camera


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