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Affordable, easy-to-use flow rate sensor

Elveflow offers a wide range of high accuracy liquid Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensors for precisely measuring flow rates in microfluidic setups.

All our pressure controller systems (OB1 MK3+AF1) can be coupled with a Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensor for direct monitoring and control of the flow rate.



⇒Our 5 sensors cover a flow rate range from 0.07 to 5000 µL/min for water


⇒Pair it with our Sensor Reader or Flow Controller


⇒Typically 5% of measured value


Elveflow’s Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensor uses thermal time-of-flight technology to flow rates in micro-size channels. Its features make it a robust, reliable and affordable solution for microfluidic applications:

  • 5 sensors covering water flow rates from 0.07 to 5000 µL/min
  • 5% accuracy on most of the operating range
  • Fully compatible with other instruments from the Elveflow range (MSR Sensor reader and Flow Controllers (OB1AF1))
  • Non-invasive measurements
  • High chemical compatibility: wetted parts made of PEEK and glass
  • Low dead volume down to 1 μL
  • Bi-directional flow rate measurement (positive & negative)

Flow rate control

You can achieve flow control of your experiment by combining any Microfluidic Flow Sensor with our pressure controller systems (OB1 MK3+AF1). The Elveflow ESI software automatically adjusts the pressure to reach the required flow rate.

Researchers who want to monitor the flow rate of a third party instrument like a syringe pump can plug the flow sensor to our Microfluidic Sensor Reader (MSR ).

Sketch: how standard flow rate sensor works Elveflow microfluidics

Smooth, Pulseless Flow

All our flow controller systems (OB1 MK3+AF1) can be coupled with the Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensor. Using the feedback loop control of our ESI software, you can accurately monitor and control flow rates in your microfluidic setup in a stable, pulseless and responsive fashion. Directly input the flow rate into the software to reach the requested value.
The microfluidic flow sensors can be plugged anywhere inline in your microfluidic setup.


Elveflow offers a selection of 5 different Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensors that vary by the covered flow rate range. Below, are summarized the different specifications for each sensor:


Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Elveflow® Smart Interface allows you to use Elveflow® instruments from the simplest commands for beginners to the most complex manipulations for experts… read more

Software features concerning the microfluidic flow rate sensor:

  • Intuitive display and measurement recording
  • Customizable flow rate control: adjust the flow rate control parameters to best fit your application’s needs. Whether you prefer a reactive or smooth flow rate change, our software allows you to adjust the feedback parameters.
  • Multiple predefined flow patterns (ramp, sinus, square or triangle signal)
  • Additional features are available like: dispensed volume calculation, customizable resolution, tuning of the setup fluidic parameters (coupled with our OB1 flow controller), multiple channel flow rate control using one flow sensor (advanced feature).

Control your experiments through C++, Python,  MATLAB®, LabVIEW® or the Elveflow® Smart Interface. The Elveflow® Smart Interface is a software application offering all the functionalities that microfluidicists need.

Flow measurement display

Multiple flow patterns available + custom flow rate control possibility


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No. of Tests

25, 50, 100

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D-100, D-25, D-50


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