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3D Invitro skin model(ASIAN)

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Denova’s patented DNSkin™  system  is three dimensional cellular system of ASIAN human epidermal keratinocytes for in vitro testing. A leading system in Singapore; it has proven to be an excellent tool to examining various chemical pharmaceutical and skin care applications. With the increasing demand to ban animal testing especially in the cosmetic industry, there is a need to find an alternative testing method to ensure the safety and validity of products before they are used on humans. DeNova Sciences owns and provide 3D in vitro skin technology suitable for toxicity and claim validation testing for drugs, cosmetics and other skin related product. 3D skin model is a more accurate representation of the human skin physiology as the traditional 2D monolayer culture do not consider the 3D natural state of cells in vivo.As a result, data collected from 2D cell culture tests sometimes provide misleading information for in vivo responses. With this technology, clients will be able to perform various testing such as toxicity testing, preliminary efficacy testing, target compound screenings, skin genetics and various other research with a higher accuracy.

key features

· Fully ASIAN human origin

· Stratification of epidermal layer to mimick the actual physiological conditions of Asian skin

· Full thickness in vitro skin model

· Chemically defined and serum free environment

· Customisable systems ( Eg Dry Skin model) allows allows  integration with other novel skin platforms

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