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NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Enzyme Substrate, 1 mM in DMSO

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Green fluorescent caspase-3/7 substrate for detecting apoptosis in intact cells by confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, or live cell imaging.

Product Description

NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Substrate detects apoptosis in intact cells based on caspase-3/7 activity using confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, or live cell imaging.

  • NucView® 488 dye has excitation/emission maxima of 500/530 nm (with DNA)
  • Rapid, no-wash, endpoint or real-time assays
  • Non-toxic, allowing multi-day experiments to be performed
  • For flow cytometry, microscopy or live cell imaging systems
  • Dual detection of caspase activity and nuclear morphology
  • Formaldehyde fixable

NucView® substrates consist of a fluorogenic DNA dye coupled to the caspase-3/7 DEVD recognition sequence. The substrate, which is initially non-fluorescent, penetrates the plasma membrane and enters the cytoplasm. In apoptotic cells, caspase-3/7 cleaves the substrate, releasing the high-affinity DNA dye, which migrates to the cell nucleus and stains DNA with fluorescence. Thus, NucView caspase-3 substrates are bifunctional, allowing detection of caspase-3/7 activity and visualization of morphological changes in the nucleus during apoptosis. In contrast to other fluorogenic caspase substrates or fluorescent caspase inhibitor based (FLICA) assays, NucView® caspase-3 substrates can be used to detect caspase-3/7 activity within individual intact cells without inhibiting apoptosis progression. Staining is compatible with subsequent fixation and permeabilization for immunostaining.

NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Substrate, is also offered as a 1 mM solution in PBS (phosphate-buffered saline) (catalog no. 10403) for use in cells that are sensitive to DMSO toxicity. In non-DMSO sensitive cell types, adding DMSO during the substrate incubation may enhance NucView® 488 staining.

We also offer blue fluorescent NucView® 405 Caspase-3 Substrate for use with the 405 nm laser line, and orange fluorescent NucView® 530 for imaging in the Cy®3 channel.

NucView® enzyme substrate technology is covered by U.S. patents.

Product Attributes

Apoptosis/viability marker Caspase
For live or fixed cells For live/intact cells
Assay type/options Long term staining (24-72h), Endpoint assay, No-wash staining, Real-time imaging, Homogeneous assay
Detection method/readout Fluorescence microscopy, Live cell imaging, Flow cytometry
Substrate specificity Caspases
Colors Green
Fixation options Fix after staining (formaldehyde), Permeabilize after staining
Excitation/Emission 500/530 nm (with DNA)
Storage Conditions Store at 2 to 8 °C



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