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Human iPSC-derived Keratinocytes (Cau, 1M cells) + PhenoCULT®-KER Culture medium

444.36 USD

1M cells + 100 mL medium
0.5 mL + 100 mL


The PCi-KER_KIT offers iPSC-derived human keratinocytes and optimized culture medium for amplification (2 passages).

– 1 vial of PCi-KER (1 M cells/0.5 mL)
– PhenoCULT®-KER culture medium (100 mL)​

– Ref. PCi-KER_CAU_KIT (Caucasian phototype)
– Ref. PCi-KER_ASI_KIT (Asian phototype)
– Ref. PCi-KER_AFR_KIT (African phototype)

– PCi-KER: human keratinocytes from iPSC, 3 phototypes available.
– PhenoCULT®-KER: optimized culture medium for human keratinocytes (100 mL or 500 mL).

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