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Product Description:

Alpha STEM® Naïve hPSC Medium is a serum-free and feeder-free medium formulated for the generation and expansion of naïve pluripotent stem cells.  Utilizing a naturally occurring growth factor, NME7AB , that is expressed in the earliest days of embryogenesis, Alpha STEM® Naïve hPSC Medium fully supports the naïve state in human stem cells.  The medium can also be used during reprogramming for high efficient generation of naïve induced pluripotent stem cells.  These cells express pluripotency markers, as well as naïve markers, have two active X chromosomes (female lines) and differentiate down all three germlines.


Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium delivers:

  • Enhanced feeder-free reprogramming that is simpler and 20 times more efficient
  • Efficient large-scale expansion using single-cell passaging while maintaining a normal karyotype
  • Superior directed differentiation with improved yield and cell quality


Enhanced Feeder-Free Reprogramming
Despite the desire to move away from the variability and labor associated with MEFs, scientists mistakenly believe they need feeders in order to achieve high efficiency reprogramming. The Alpha STEM® System provides high efficiency feeder-free reprogramming with improved cell line survival. Using the Yamanaka factors with Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium results in iPSCs at the earliest naïve stem cell state, and the process is simpler and 20 times more efficient.


Efficient Large-Scale Expansion
Cells cultured in Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium can be passaged as single cells and used for large-scale expansion in high-capacity flasks resulting in 10-20 fold expansion in four days.  Stem cell expansion is faster, scalable and can be completely automated since it eliminates unwanted spontaneous differentiation, while maintaining a normal karyotype. The media supports hPSC expansion for >70 passages with a normal karyotype.


Superior Directed Differentiation
Naïve stem cells do not have DNA methylation marks that commit the cells to certain developmental decisions. The result is differentiation of cells grown in Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium is superior to that of FGF grown cells in terms of quality, quantity and purity with no clonal differentiation bias.



Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium protocol


Application note: 

Alpha STEM® Naive hPSC Medium note