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Product description:

AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer is a synthetic peptide that competitively inhibits the activity of NME7AB, the naturally occurring growth factor in AlphaSTEM® Naive hPSC Medium.  AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer is added one time when differentiation is initiated and can be added along with any other reagents used for directed differentiation. This leads to increased efficiency and improved yield during directed differentiation. It also ensures the elimination of residual pluripotent cells.


AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer delivers:

  • Increased yield during directed differentiation
  • Purer cell cultures with the elimination of residual pluripotent cells



Alpha STEM® Differentiation Inducer

Application note:

Alpha STEM® Differentiation Inducer note


Alpha STEM® Differentiation Inducer safety data sheet