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Product description:

AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate is a mouse monoclonal antibody that provides a  defined surface for feeder-free generation and expansion of naive pluripotent stem cells. AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate binds to the MUC1* growth factor receptor that is expressed on all pluripotent human stem cells.  When used with AlphaSTEM® Naive hPSC Medium, AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate has been proven to supports the naïve state in human stem cells and can also be used during reprogramming for high efficient generation of naïve induced pluripotent stem cells.


AlphaSTEM® Naive hPSC Medium and Culture Substrate deliver:

  • Enhanced feeder-free reprogramming that is simpler and 20 times more efficient
  • Efficient large-scale expansion using single-cell passaging while maintaining a  normal karyotype
  •  Superior directed differentiation with improved yield and cell quality



Alpha STEM® Culture Substrate protocol 


Application note:

Alpha STEM® Culture Substrate note