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Biowest is the ideal partner for animal serum used for  translational research in various clinical, academic and industrial accounts across the world.

All our serum are sourced from BSE , FMD and BVD regions. Our very own Singapore Veterinary Authority has inspected all documentation and permits before the final product reaches your lab.

Dialyzed by tangential flow filtration utilizing 10,000MW cut off filters. Significantly reduce the concentrations of small molecules such as amino acids, hormones and cytokines while avoiding the precipitation of serum proteins. Performance tested for cloning and plating efficiency.

Cell Culture Tests:  Cell Growth, Plating Efficiency, Cloning Efficiency.

Cell Lines Tested

The following cell lines are tested with the serum:

  • HELA -Cancer Cell/Human.
  • L929 -Fibroblast-Mouse/ As Macrophage
  • SP2/O-AG14 -Mouse/Lymphoma
  • MRC- 5 -Human/Lung.

key features

  • Our standard dialyzed grade, generally lower endotoxin than most brands(≤10 EU/mL endotoxin)
  • Sterile filtered; mycoplasma and virus tested
  • Proven success across wide spectrum of cell lines across several markets
  • Widely accepted in key universities like NUS, CSI (Singapore) and various RND labs across SEA.
  • All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.


  • Recommended for special studies where the normal concentrations of small molecules such as glucose is of concern
  • Proteomics
  • Isotope labeling
  • Cellular signaling and reporter assays



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