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Human plasma/serum products

The human serum is a circulating carrier of exogenous and endogenous liquids in the blood. It allows substances to stick to the molecules within the serum and be buried within it. Human serum thus helps in the transportation of fatty acids and thyroid hormones which act on most of the cells found in the body. Human serum also helps transport other hormones which are fat soluble.

Due to its unique role as a circulating carrier, human serum is used in the protein binding of many drugs to facilitate drug distribution within the body. Human serum is used to distribute antibiotics in the body and albumin allows the curable substances in the antibiotics to be bind and carried out throughout the body.

The human off-the-clot serum is the serum that has been allowed to coagulate naturally after collection and has not been exposed to any anticoagulants. The human off-the-clot serum is ideal for metabolic studies.

Human AB serum is collected from type AB donors and it lacks antibodies against blood type A and B antigens, making it suitable for cell therapy applications and transplantation and tissue engineering. Human AB serum can be used for expansion of mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue, or of mesenchymal stromal cells from human bone marrow. In addition, AB serum is essential for expanding peripheral blood-derived NK cells, and for enhancing pre-transplant human islet culture.

Biowest is the ideal partner for both researchers and biopharmaceutical companies. In addition to animal serum, we have off the clot human serum processed from naturally coagulated human blood.  Serum collected from volunteer donors and screened for Hep B(HBS),Hep C (HCV) and HIV type 1 and 2. All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.

key features

· Collected and imported in accordance to EU regulations

· Sterile filtered; mycoplasma and virus tested

· Processed from Human blood that was collected on citrate

·  Tested negative against Hep B, Hep C, HIV1 and 2 and Syphilis



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