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Bioguard-A – 100ml

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Every cell culture lab would occasionally encounter some form of contamination. Be it fungi, virus or mycoplasma.

The high humidity and the optimal temperature of a CO2 incubator, the water tray and the air flow, all form a suitable breeding ground for contaminants, which are liable to contaminate the cell cultures in all the semi-opened culture bottles. Therefore, it is essential and recommended to disinfect every 14 days, or at least once a month before contamination appears in the incubator. It is very difficult to eliminate contaminants, and severe damage to your experiments can be caused.

Hence, we have a wide range of treatment solutions available for you.

For incubator water trays For lab surfaces For direct use into culture
Cat no D1020 D1010-1000 or AS900306 LX16-0100
Suitable for all surfaces YES YES NO
Kills wide spectrum of bacteria, virus, fungi and mycoplasma YES YES YES
Powder option NO YES please contact for further details NO
Package size 100ml 100ml 100ml


key features

· Non-toxic, non-volatile, and extremely effective

· Non corrosive to stainless steel tray

· Shelf life: 24 months

· All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.

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