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Our solution

Discover the ideal microenvironment for your application.

We provide you with the ideal tool to rapidly test a large variety of cell microenvironments at once. denovoMATRIX technology allows us to incorporate the most important biological ligands for cell adhesion, spreading and robust growth within our biomimetic coatings. We have compiled 96 coating compositions which represent 96 different microenvironments in the screenMATRIX which is ready to use without any preparation. All you need to do is seed your cells on the screenMATRIX and discover which coating(s) works best. Check out our screenMATRIX infosheet to find out exactly which biological ligands are responsible for your optimal cell response.

Key Features
  • A rapid, low effort and low cost tool to get you the best microenvironment for your cell type and cell culture needs.
  • Find out which biological ligands are responsible for cell adhesion, differentiation or changes in your cell phenotype. Use this for your advantage to boost your research.
  • Found your ideal coating? Get your favorite cell culture plasticware format with a coating of your choice – we like to call this your customMATRIX.
Q:How is the quality control done?
 A: Each lot of the screenMATRIX is routinely quality controlled for the ability to provide attachment to two cell types: human mesenchymal stromal cells and primary mouse neural progenitors.
Q: How many screenMATRIX plates should I buy?
A: We recommend a minimum of 3 technical with at least one experimental repeat. The total number of replicates necessary may vary based on cell type or the sensitivity of your assay. To enable your research and ensure appropriate sample sizes each pack of screenMATRIX contains 5 plates


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