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Biogelx™ Screening Kit

286.00 USD


Biogelx™ Screening Kit contains all five different gel formulation samples: BiogelxTM-S, -RGD, -IKVAV, -YIGSR, and -GFOGER at a discounted price.
Try each of the hydrogels, identify which ones are best for your specific applications or cell lines and order your preferred products directly in the future.

Exploring the full range of our hydrogels means that you can find the synthetic 3D cell culture matrices which best support your specific research needs. Our peptide-based hydrogel products enable you to consistently replicate an physiologically relevant environment for cells by providing more than just a 3D structure.

key features

  • Broadest range of stiffness; 0.5 to 100 kPa to replicate a variety of tissue environments
  • Functionalisation with biomimetic peptide sequences from ECM proteins including Laminin, Collagen, and Fibronectin
  • Opportunity to grow a broad range of cell types including Hepatocytes, Neurons, Cancer Cells, Cartilage and Stem Cells
  • No batch-to-batch variation
  • Neutral pH and no temperature requirements

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Kits are available in four sizes: 5x 50mg | 5x 100mg | 5x 250mg | 5x 500mg.

*Please note hydrogel volume will change depending on desired final stiffness. For reference; 100mg of peptide powder would equate to ~15mL of pre-gel solution on average.