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Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER is our collagen-functionalised synthetic peptide hydrogel bioink that forms a nanofibrous network, mimicking the extracellular matrix. It has been specifically developed for Bioprinting and advanced 3D Cell Culture applications. Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER is biocompatible and has been designed to provide versatility to support different printing applications as the mechanical and chemical properties can be adapted.

key features

  • Contains the hexapeptide ‘GFOGER’ as a surface ligand for enhanced functionality
  • Reproducibility: no batch to batch variation.
  • Mechanical tuneability.
  • Excellent printability.
  • Gelation is independent of temperature and pH.

Product Brochure

Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER is provided as a lyophilised powder with a Biogelx™-PREP solution used to prepare the final ink formulation. Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER powder is stable for 1 year when stored at -20°C.

Product is available in four sizes:
100mg (~4mL) | 250mg (~10mL) | 500mg (~20mL) | 1g (~40mL).