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HumaTein™ MSC Matrix

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Product Description

HumaTeinTM is a whole ECM derived from primary human neonatal dermal fibroblast (HumaTeinTM Essential) or human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (HumaTeinTM MSC). HumaTeinTM consists of more than 300 components including collagens, laminin, fibronectin, tenascin, elastin, and a number of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, and reserves more than 500 cytokines in balanced composition that effectively recapitulates tissue micro-environment during development and in organotypic cell culture.

HumaTeinTM provides a rich ECM environment to promote cell growth and migration and has been shown to support the proliferation of many cell types, including human embryonic stem cells, neural stem cells, endothelial cells, MSC, pericytes, fibroblasts, hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cell, smooth muscle cell, and keratinocytes.

HumaTeinTM is not denatured nor chloroform sterilized. It provides for a more tissue-like environment, due to the 3D folding structure preserved ECM proteins. HumaTeinTM is supplied in lyophilized powder form and is compatible with all culture media.


The expiration date for HumaTeinTM is lot-specific and can be found on the product Certificate of Analysis. Freeze thaws should be minimized. Once HumaTeinTM is dissolved to make stock solution, aliquots should be made and store in the -20°C freezer until ready for use.

Reconstitution and Use

HumaTein™ matrix in lyophilized powder form does not form viscous liquid when it is dissolved in media or PBS. It is intentionally tuned to preserve 3D protein folding structure and not sensitive to temperature changing between 25°C to 37°C.

Use sterile syringe and needle (around 21-23G) to deliver serum-free media or PBS to the glass bottle and gently vortex the bottle to dissolve the powder.

Phenol red-free media is recommended to dissolve the lyophilised powder for assays that require colour detection.

It is recommended to use HumaTein™ matrix-coated plates on the day of coating. Coated plates can be stored in the incubator at 37°C for up to a week in serum-free media.


Coating Procedure

  1. Make a 10㎎/㎖ stock solution with serum-free media or PBS.
  2. Dilute stock solution to make working solutions.

Note: Empirical determination of the optimal coating concentration for your application may be required. Recommended concentration is 100㎍/㎖-1㎎/㎖.

  1. Plate the appropriate volume of the working solutions in a tissue culture plate and allow it to incubate for 2 hours at 37°
  2. Carefully aspirate the remaining solution and wash twice with PBS before plating cells.



Thin Coating


Cell attachment and proliferation

e.g. Propagation of primary cells including hepatocytes and adult stem cells

Thick Gel


3D cell culture applications such as HUVEC sprouting assays, or cell invasion assays.

In these cases, HumaTein™ powder needs to be dissolved in hydrogel forming material such as collagen, alginate, and fibrin.

3D / Organoid Culture Suspension culture method – Direct HumaTein™ mixing with culture media. Recommended concentration in suspension organoid culture is 1㎎/㎖.

HumaTein™ can also be added directly in hydrogel forming material such as alginate, collagen or fibrinogen at a recommended concentration range of 4㎎/㎖ – 20㎎/㎖,depending on cell type and experiment design. Cells can be embedded within the HumaTein™ matrix-hydrogel complex.


HumaTein™ Products and their Applications

Type Applications
Essential General cell culture, iPSC culture
MSC General cell culture, iPSC culture, hESC culture

* General cell culture: examples include 2D and 3D cultures, angiogenesis, and cell invasion assays. Standard concentration HumaTein™ products can also be used in vivo depending on the required protein concentration.


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