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In Vitro

Whatever your project needs, we have the in vitro biology platform to support faster, better decision-making for your oncology drug discovery program. Our expert team have extensive experience of working with companies to support the in vitro pharmacology characterization of lead compounds and are committed to saving you precious time and resources by providing efficient screening platforms and validated 2D and 3D models, giving you confidence in your data.

Utilize the XenoBase®, the world’s largest commercial database of well-characterized cell lines to choose the correct cell lines for in vitro evaluation of your novel molecules.

Use cost-effective, rapid, and large-scale cancer cell line screening to advance your lead compound to validated candidate.

Discover mouse tumor cells engineered to express humanized targets such as PD-L1 to evaluate the efficacy of human-specific agents targeting humanized proteins expressed on tumor cells.

Incorporate the most translatable 3D in vitro models available into your oncology drug development programs with our exclusive Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) licence.

Leverage 2D and 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence optical imaging enabling in-life visualization of tumor growth and disease progression.