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Our Scanners are compatible with all major brands of 2D tubes and racks. These include brands like matrix, corning, fluidx and micronic tubes. Easy to set up and easy to use. Each scanner comes in built with our Datapaq software. Promising quick scan and decode times, our scanners can read all racks on the market.

Comes with an optional Cryoprotection™ Option. Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ is a special coating that eliminates the condensation and ensures uninterrupted scanning. Ziath’s method for eliminating condensation uses no extra electrical components, resulting in no risk of accidentally thawing your samples, increased reliability and ensuring that the cost of this option is at acceptable levels.

Fig 1: Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ reduces condensation caused by cold racks. It uses no heat, no fans and does not add any heat into the rack being scanned

key features

  • Quick scans across various brands of racks
  • Used across various labs and hospitals across the globe
  • Lifetime after sales service support
  • DataPaq™ Software. In house unique algorithm that can identify correctly scanned tube (green), damaged ( red) and missing tube(grey). Also, any tube image can be clicked on and the individual scan is shown (on the right hand side) with the tube location and barcode.

Order information:

ZTS-CBE DataPaq™ Cube Rack Reader ( click here for more information)


ZTS-CBE-80 DataPaq™ Cube Rack Reader with Cryoprotection™ ( click here for more information)


ZTS-AV62-80 DataPaq™ Deep Focus Rack Reader with Cryoprotection™ ( click here for more information)


ZTS-HAND DataPaq™ Handheld Tube Reader ( click here for more information)


ZTS-HAND-80 DataPaq™ Handheld Tube Reader with Cryoprotection™ ( click here for more information)



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