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µ-Slide 4 Well Glass Bottom



Open µ-Slide with 4 wells with a glass bottom, suitable for use in TIRF and single molecule applications

key features

  • Perfect cell imaging thanks to the low thickness variability of the coverslips’ glass
  • Cost-effective experiments using small numbers of cells and low volumes of reagents

Instruction menu

Instruction menu 
  • Cultivation and microscopy of cell cultures
  • TIRF and single molecule applications
Outer dimensions in mm (w x l) 25.5 x 75.5
Number of wells 4
Dimensions of wells
(w x l x h) in mm
21.6 x 11.4 x 9.3
Volume per well 700 µl
Total height with lid 10.8 mm
Growth area per well 2.5 cm²
Coating area per well 4.1 cm²
Bottom Glass coverslip No. 1.5H,
selected quality, 170 µm +/- 5 µm
Technical Features
  • Open µ-Slide with 4 independent wells
  • Bottom made from D 263 M Schott glass, No. 1.5H (170 +/- 5 µm)
  • May require coating to promote cell attachment
  • Also available in a Ph+ version: intermediate plate in each well to avoid meniscus formation
  • Also available as a µ-Slide 4 Well with an ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom for superior cell growth
Experimental Example

Surface-near F-actin network of a Dictyostelium discoideum DdLimE-GFP cell. Live cell imaging on a Glass Coverslip #1.5H using Total Interference Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy.

ibidi Polymer Coverslip vs. ibidi Glass Bottom

ibidi Polymer Coverslip

ibidi Glass Bottom

Optical properties
Refractive index (nD 589 nm) 1.52 1.52
Abbe number 56 55
Thickness #1.5 (180 µm) #1.5H (170 µm)
Material Microscopy plastic D 263M Schott borosilicate glass
Autofluorescence Low Low
Transmission Very high (even ultraviolet) High (ultraviolet restrictions)
Birefringence (DIC) Low (DIC compatible*) Low (DIC compatible*)
Other aspects
Surface modifications ibiTreat – tissue culture treated
Uncoated – hydrophobic
Only glass
Protein coatings Compatible Compatible
Gas permeable Yes No
Material flexibility High Low
Breakable No Yes
Applications Fluorescence microscopy TIRF and single photon

* Special glass DIC Lids are available separately