Q1: Which type of FBS is most suitable for Tet-On/Tet-Off Inducible Expression System?
a) S181L-500 Fetal Bovine Serum (South America). Lipid Depleted – 500ml
b) S181T-500 Fetal Bovine Serum (South America). Tetracycline free – 500ml
c) S181F-500 Fetal Bovine Serum (South America). Charcoal Stripped – 500ml

Q2: Which type of ibidi µ-Slide is best for observing samples under phase contrast microscopy – no meniscus formation?
a) 80446 µ-Slide 4 Well Ph+ and 80447 µ-Slide 4 Well Ph+ Glass Bottom
b) 80296 µ-Slide 2 Well Ph+ and 80297 µ-Slide 2 Well Ph+ Glass Bottom
c) All of the above

Q3: Which Exo-spin™ kit has been developed to process any sample smaller than 100 µl?
a) EX03 Exo-spin™ kit
b) EX02 Exo-spin™ kit
c) EX04 Exo-spin™ kit

Q4: Which of the products compiled 96 coating compositions, representing 96 different microenvironments to rapidly test the best microenvironment for your cell type and cell culture needs?
a) S1001 screenMATRIX
b) C0301 myMatrix MSC
c) EH0165 Human IGF-1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) ELISA Kit

Q5: What is the slogan for Atlantis Bioscience Pte Ltd?
a) Discovering Solutions
b) Discovery Journey
c) We Make Solutions

Answer correctly to get a Microcentrifuge:

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“Contest ends on 31st October 2019”

(*Notice: one centrifuge for one lab, limited microcentrifuge to be given away)