Microfluidics is the technology of manipulating small volumes of fluids in channels with dimensions at the microscale – typically tens to hundreds of micrometres and is known as lab-on-a-chip. Microfluidics has rapidly emerged in recent years that finds applications in many diverse fields such as chemistry, biology, medicine, and physical sciences. There are several advantages of using microfluidics systems, these include small amount of samples/reagents, cost reduction, high sensitivity and specificity, controlled fluid handling, and rapid readout.


One of the advancements in microfluidics is the development of organ-on-a-chip. It provides dynamic in vivo-like microenvironment, with the ability to regulate key parameters in microfluidic perfusion that mimic blood flow, allowing nutrient exchange, waste removal and shear stress which are preferable culture condition over 2D and static 3D cell culture systems. These platforms allow a great opportunity to advance understanding of tissue and organ physiology, offer portable and cost-effective biomedical tools for disease modelling, drug screening, drug delivery systems and personalised medicine.

Microfluidics technologies have also been developed as a platform-level for single-cell manipulation, such as single-cell encapsulation. Various analytical functionalities can be integrated for various qualitative and quantitative single-cell analysis applications, including cellular, genetics and protein analysis. One of the techniques to perform single-cell analysis is using droplet microfluidics using two immiscible phases to form droplets, a powerful technique for high-throughput single-cell encapsulation.

Atlantis Bioscience provides premium reagents and the state-of-art instruments to support your microfluidic research.

RAN Biotech’s non-ionic fluorosurfactants are optimised for water-in-oil droplets generation, ideal for emulsion PCR and droplet microfluidics research applications. Their functionalised gel beads can be barcoded, dissolvable, superparamagnetic or customized for used in proven technologies such as InDrop, Drop-Seq, Seq-Well, CEL-seq, and Single-Cell RNA sequencing. Chip-Free Engineered Droplet Generation Kit are also available for high-throughput generation of droplets, without the need for microfluidic devices. ElveFlow is the world leader in high performance microfluidic flow control. Their OB1 MK3 flow controller is the only microfluidic flow control system in the world to use patented piezoelectric regulators, enabling a flow control that is 20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the other flow controllers on the market. Check out their other instruments, including distribution valve, flow sensor, pressure sensor pump, and sensor reader. Application packs such as Droplet Microfluidics Pack, Organ-On-A-Chip-Pack and Alginate Beads Generation are also available. 

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