Atlantis Bioscience is proud to partner with DENOVA our very own NTU spin off to launch our proprietary range of services and products for skin research.

DeNova Sciences provides the best range of artificial ASIAN skin model as well as tissue scaffolding suitable for use in rigorous clinical testing. We offer services for product testing, validation or co-development using our own established range of in vitro DNSkin™ skin models, all of which are of ASIAN human origin. Our DNSkin™ models are carefully cultured in a serum-free environment with our chemically defined DNMedia™ formulated for optimal growth.

Key Services & Products

Research Services

· Skin Phototoxicity studies

· Skin Irritation studies

· Cell regeneration studies

· Anti aging studies

· 3D Skin cancer studies

· Wound dressing compatibility tests

· Maintenance of Ex-vivo skin tissues

· Chemically defined formula can be customised design to your needs.

· Contract RnD services; please contact

Key Products

· 3D Invitro skin model(ASIAN)

· 3D skin culture media

Product Brochure