Immunology and inflammation

Immunology is an important discipline that makes us understand the element of our immune system. It begins with Edward Jenner’s discovery of the world’s first smallpox vaccine in the 1800s. Indubitably, people praised him as a “father of immunology.” Major advances made by Louis Pasteur and many other scientists further our understanding in cellular components of the immune system such as T or B cells. The revolution of biological technologies such as flow cytometry and genetic engineering in the 1970s, enabled scientists to profoundly study the molecular level in physiological and pathological processes of the immune system.


Inflammation (swelling) is a defense mechanism found in both physiological and pathological processes. It is a process by which our body’s immune cells protect us from infection and injury from invaders such as bacteria and virus. Inflammation is a natural part of the wound healing process and begins right after the injury. Immune cells are recruited to the site of injury to remove damaged cells and pathogens, preventing further infection. Inflammation is also involved in many abnormalities such as hypersensitivity, autoimmune diseases, or cancer, in which chronic inflammation results in DNA damage. Cancer immunotherapy is one of the leading therapeutic strategies that have confirmed their potential in many relapse cancer patients by using cell therapy (e.g. CAR-T cells, NK/T cells), cancer vaccines, or monoclonal antibodies targeted therapy.


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