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ReZolve-ER on plasma membrane

ReZolve-ER™ is a live cell imaging agent with rapid cell uptake for imaging the endoplasmic reticulum. For use in a wide variety of live and fixed cells.
IraZolve-ER Blue™

IraZolve-ER Blue™ localises to the endoplasmic reticulum in live and fixed cells. It is highly cell permeable, producing quick and reliable cell staining. IraZolve-ER Blue™ can detect the endoplasmic reticulum following anti-body staining protocols and is compatible with a range of fluorescence systems.

ReZolve-L1™ is a cell-permeant stain with an affinity for polar lipids which can be used in a wide variety of live and fixed samples. ReZolve-L1 provides excellent and rapid lipid staining used for fluorescent microscopy applications and automated imaging. This stain is an effective tracer of lipids (e.g. cholesterol, sphingolipid and phospholipid) and intracellular localisation.

IraZolve on H9c2 cells


IraZolve-L1™ is a cell-permeant stain that localises with polar lipids and can be used in a wide variety of live and fixed cells. IraZolve-L1™ provides excellent and rapid lipid staining, localising with lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum in cultured cells useful for fluorescent microscopy applications.

  • IraZolve-Mito image

    IraZolve-Mito™ is a specialised live cell imaging agent with rapid cell uptake for mitochondria. IraZolve-Mito™ can be used for effective staining of mitochondria in live and fixed tissues.


    A cell permeable luminescent alkyne with large Stokes shift, long emission life time and is resistant to photobleaching. Can be conjugated to a range of biological and non-biological chemicals for flexible applications.

    BaseClick EdU Kits
    ReZolve Scientific has been appointed BaseClick distributor for Australia and New Zealand.  BaseClick Edu kits are compatible with all ReZolve fluorophores.
Properties ReZolve-L1 IraZolve-Mito ReZolve-ER IraZolve-L1 ReZolve-Alkyne
Localisation Polar Lipids Mitochondria Endoplasmic
Lipid droplets &
endoplasmic reticulum
User defined
luminescent tag
Colour Yellow Red Orange Red Orange
Resistance to
photo bleaching
High High High High High
Cytotoxicity Low Low Low Low Low
Ex / Em UV or
405nm/600nm UV or
405nm/600nm UV or
For live cells and tissue Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
For fixed cells and tissues Yes Fixed tissue only Yes Yes Yes
For Fluorescence and
Multiphoton Microscopy
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
For Raman and
Infrared Spectroscopy
Yes No Yes No Yes
Storage and Transport Room Temp Room Temp
(4oC post reconstitution)
Room Temp Room Temp Room Temp