Food Grade/Pharma Grade Amino Acids

Amino Acid, as an important fine chemical intermediate, is widely used in Industrial, Feed, Food,Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics etc..

The food industry is an industry with a large amount of Amino Acid. it has the functions of inhibiting bacterial growth, chelating buffering, inhibiting oxidation, etc. It is designated for food additives, food amino acid fortifier, flavoring agent and nutrition supplement, food brewing, meat processing, and cool beverage formula. it can extend its shelf life by 3-4 times in cream, cheese and margarine.As a sweetener, used in candy and cookies, it’s good for preventing high blood pressure.In table salt, 5% is added.

Amino Acid is mainly used in feed additives to supplement the main nutrients in the feed of livestock and poultry, prevent the oxidation and deterioration of the feed and extend the shelf life of the feed.

It is an important raw material and intermidiate production and plant growth reaction with formaldehyde and phosphorous trichloride under 110 ℃ become increasing phosphorus, is a kind of effective foliar application of plant growth regulator, also can be used as defoliant before harvest.The addition of glycine into potassium and phosphate fertilizer promotes the plant’s absorption of potassium and phosphorus.

It is an essential amino acid for human body, used in all kinds of amino acid infusion formulations, as a pharmaceutical solvent and buffer, at the same time, a variety of drugs can be synthesized, such as treating hypertension drug dileap prel hydrochloride, inhibiting gastric ulcer pharmaceutical calcium carbonate, monoglycine acetylsalicylic acid calcium, lihaemamine injection.

in the surfactant industry can synthesis of cationic and amphoteric surfactants, used in the production of amino acids with good humidity resistance and dyeing hair, skin care and cosmetics for cleaning after dispensing, preparation foam, strong antioxidant drug cosmetics water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsion, humidifying and thickening effect.


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