Creating An Ecosystem That Penetrates The Asian Market


Denova offers an alternative to animal testing for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with our innovative in vitro 3D human organ models and cutting edge technologies. They are ready to provide tailorable solutions to accelerate product commercialization.

Denova specializes in providing the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries a means to access the burgeoning Asian market through their unique one-stop solution and extensive network of partners spread throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Denova expertise lies in their experience in 3D human organoid and permeation technology. Furthermore, Denova provides safety and efficacy evaluation to ensure product compliance to industry regulations. It is their utmost concern to safeguard consumer welfare and to maintain cruelty-free ethical testing.

Their aim is to be the Go-To Asian organoid innovator and partner in the Greater Asian region while fostering the growth of the distinctive and fast expanding beauty and personal care industry.


1. Safety Evaluation

Product safety is one of the biggest concerns for manufacturers as it is of utmost importance to consumers. It is essential to ensure that raw materials and finished products do not present any health or safety risks to consumers.


2. Claim Efficiency 

Performance and efficacy of a product can be proven with scientific validation to allow claim substantiations for product labelling and marketing purposes. Such claims allow you to set apart your product from the rest.



3. Product Permeation 

Permeation and absorption of active ingredients or chemicals through organiods such as skin and intestine is a qualitative and quantitative tool to obtain useful information to what enters the circulation of our human body.



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