Decision Making Made Easy with our Validated In Vivo Xenograft Models

As an integral step in the oncology drug discovery process, cell line derived xenografts provide data for key decision-making in a timely and cost-effective manner. These well-established models also allow client data comparison, with ample historical datasets available.

CrownBio provides over 200 validated and well-characterized cell line derived xenografts covering subcutaneous, orthotopic, and systemic models. The collection also includes metastasis models (spontaneous and experimental) covering major cancer types such as breast, lung, colon, liver, and melanoma. A panel of unique cell line derived xenograft models within our portfolio are PrimeXeno™, derived from PDX models, and allowing clients a robust but predictive setting for PK/PD assessment. PrimeXeno models harbor mutations often targeted by novel therapeutics, such as mutated ALK, FGFR2, and FLT3.



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