Atlantis is committed to provide new technologies and solutions for our customers.

We understand that scientists cannot risk their experiments by simply purchasing a new product and risk the reagent not working for them. Hence, we are dedicated to offering a free sample program to help in your proof-of-concept studies.

Before investing in some of the solutions available in our library of solutions, you can request a free sample. We offer free samples of a variety of products, including flow cytometry reagents, Matrigen Softwell, Human cell-derived extracellular matrix, CF dyes, Secondary antibodies and more.

Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Atlantis Bioscience reserves the right to modify or cancel this policy at anytime
  • Offer applies to new users, and are subject to stock availability
  • Free shipping applicable on a case-by-case basis
  • Users are to provide feedback regarding the requested sample within 4 weeks of sample receipt

Ghost Dye™ Blue 516

66.00 USD255.00 USD

violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (1A8)

65.00 USD152.00 USD
Matrigen Softwell:

Softwell 24 Well Plate Collagen

69.00 USD5,433.75 USD

HumaTein™ MSC Matrix

480.00 USD650.00 USD
CF Dyes Secondary Antibody: