Our Culture
There is no us if we do not value our customers and partners. As such we strongly believe we need to set core values for our company. It is very easy to lose our path if we do not have a direction. We take inspiration from successful startups in US/Europe to draw up these 10 values, which we strive to adhere to

1) Focus on the customer and all rest will follow
We must focus on providing the best customer service and experience as much as possible. Whether we are offering a quote or troubleshooting an instrument we must take great care to ensure we serve you.
We aim to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Our website and e commerce platform are designed to be clear and simple for our customers

2) It’s best to do one thing really well
We provide a service. Distributing products, developing new products or simply answering a phone call. Being dedicated allows us to remain focused in continuously improve our processes and products.

3) Fast is better than slow
We are one of the few companies in our industry where we have built several links to various markets in Asia in a short space of time. Time is valuable. Our partners, our employees and our customers are the most important cogs in  Atlantis. We will continuously strive to work efficiently. Keeping in mind the growing demands of  this industry.

4) Democracy and transparency at work
A company will only grow because it relies on individuals to provide feedback, purchases and continuous support. As our business grows, it is important to remain grounded. Treating our staff and their family with upmost respect should remain a core company principle.

5) You don’t need to be at your desk to get an answer
The world is increasingly mobile. People want access to information wherever they are;whenever they want it. Our team is not bounded by the archaic rules to be at a desk. The best ideas may not even come in an office. Our customers and partners require swift service and solutions. As such, we strive to incorporate cloud solutions and equip our team with the latest technologies to help customers across several markets.

6) Atlantis is a business
Revenue is generated from distributing products and services to our customers. To ensure we serve these customers properly, we need a proper plan. A sales and marketing plan to help us reach our customers better. This will allow us to add value to our manufacturers and suppliers. Marketing and advertising will be clearly identified in our events across the globe.

7) There are always ways to improve
No organization, no individual is perfect. We will strive to continuously improve our processes. Our linked companies and partners continue look into new products and technologies, which can help researcher, achieve that goals faster.

8) The need for information to cross all borders
Our company is based in Singapore. Our mission is however to facilitate global customers access to good products or technologies which may be unknown to them. Singapore is geographically well placed for us to help our partners in a very short turnaround time in Asia.

9) You can be serious and have fun
Google as a company is a huge inspiration for us. There are a lot to learn and emulate form them. Our work should be challenging as well as fun. Great results comes hand in hand with great teamwork. A holistic synergy of motivated employees and high quality products allow greater success than 1 individual can ever hope to achieve. Our atmosphere may be casual. Business ideas may emerge at the gym or café. They are tested and discussed at quickly so they may serve as a new launch pad for worldwide use

10) Great isn’t good enough
Great is just a starting point to strive for. Not an endpoint. Our customers, our staff, our suppliers always deserve better. Goals are set so we need to stretch to meet them. Over achieving our customer expectations will help the company and our business to be stronger. Ultimately, our constant need to improve becomes a positive driving force behind everything we do as a company.