A biobank is a biorepository that stores biological samples ( usually human) for use in research.  Since 1990s, biobanks have become an important resource in research. Hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies and academia research rely on biobanks and biorepositories for their critical biological samples and associated data.

We are pleased to partner with Ziath to provide the best solutions for your biobanking needs. Our clients include major SG hospitals and screening labs.


  • Fully customizable: Full consultation is the key to a successful project. Each project is developed to exact requirements – no off-the shelf, one-size fits all packages
  • Scanners designed in UK and manufactured in UK. Biobanking addons made in Japan. All products undergo rigorous quality tests before shipment
  • Complete confidentiality: We understand the absolute requirement for complete confidentiality in  custom biobanking projects. No project information will be disclosed except to clients – can be qualified with NDA’s when required
  • First class customer services: All clients can expect excellent customer care. We recognize the importance of regular communication with our clients throughout each project
  • Technical Expertise: Over 10 years in designing and offering biobanking instruments and services