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StemGold MSC XF Medium; 500ml



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We are proud to introduce our own label Orion brand of cell culture reagents.  Orion’s StemGOLD MSC XF Medium is a defined, serum-free, xeno-free culture medium designed for optimal growth and expansion of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells  derived from a variety of sources, including bone marrow, adipose tissue and umbilical cord matrix.

StemGOLD MSC XF Medium will support long-term growth of hMSC while maintaining their self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation potential.

hMSCs cultured in StemGOLD MSC XF Medium  show superior proliferation and self-renewal potential in comparison to competitor products.

In addition, hMSCs maintain their proper fibroblast-like cell morphology, tri-lineage differentiation potential, and demonstrate normal hMSC marker profiles and karyotypic stability over long-term culture.


Figure  (Initial isolation): Human mesenchymal stem cells were initially isolated from Wharton’s jelly (left image) and placenta (right image) using Stemgold on pre-coated plates with MSC Attachment Solution. High number of hMSC was obtained.

Figure (proliferation): Stemgold promotes excellent proliferation of hMSC from a variety of sources while maintaining normal fibroblast-like, spindle shape cell morphology.



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AS9008  StemGold MSC XF Medium, 500ml
Supplement MSC supplement

key features

· Serum-free, xeno-free, defined culture system

· Superior cell growth compared to serum-containing media

· Supports long-term growth and self-renewal of hMSCs from multiple sources

· Consistent, reliable MSC cultures

· Eliminates the need to spend time and money prequalifying FBS lots

· GMP-defined, FDA Drug Master File (DMF) available

· Cells cultured in serum-containing medium do not require an adaptation phase when transitioning to Stemgold XF Medium.


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