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SphereCol®Human Type I Collagen Coated Beads, Sterile, 10 grams



SphereCol®, human Type I collagen coated beads are ideal for growing cell in suspension. The collagen coated beads provide a natural in vivo-like environment to promote high cell growth while providing a large surface area for cells to attach with optimal surface area to volume ratios.  SphereCol® provides a 3D bio-scaffold which is optimal in many cell culture procedures.

SphereCol®, human collagen coated beads is coated with highly purified Type I human collagen derived from a human fibroblast cell culture process, VitroCol®.  The collagen provides an optimal coating on the beads to enhance cell attachment, cell viability, cell proliferation and cell function.  The collagen beads range in size from about 125 to 212 micron.  The product is packaged in 50 ml bottle and sterilized.   SphereCol® is provided in a user-friendly packaging for use and storage.

Product Information

SphereCol®, Human Collagen Coated Beads
Part Number  5138-10GM

Bead Shape


Package Size

10 grams

Beads per Gram

4.6 X 105

Bead Size Distribution

Approx. 125 to 212 microns

Relative Density Range

1.022 to 1.030

Surface Are per Bead

360 cm2/gram

Collagen Used for Coating

VitroCol®, human Type I Collagen from human fibroblast cell culture cell culture process

Storage Temperature

Room Temperature

Shelf Life

Under evaluation

Sterilization Method


Collagen Source

VitroCol®, Type I Human Collagen

Instructions to use