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Collagen Type I; Conc: 4.0mg/ml , Purity : >98%





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Atlantis standard collagen type 1 ( rat , bovine, marine)

Dramatically increase cell culture success by using Atlantis collagen. Proven results in cell growth , adhesion and differentiation.

Collagen is a vital matrix for enhancing cell culture. We supervise the entire manufacturing process from the collection to the shipment of the bottled product to the lab.

We control quality control at every stage and ensure there is minimum lot to lot variation.

With our proprietary  blend of gelation mix , your matrix will be consistent every time; all the time.

We can provide from the following sources;

  • Bovine
  • Rat tail
  • Marine

We can also provide custom solutions ( i.e. freeze dried, powder, special PH) please email us at Minimum order applies.


Image of collagen fibres from our lab










Ordering Information

AS-9003 Bio-Active Collagen (Bovine) 1gram
AS-9003(T) Bio-Active Collagen (Bovine) 100mg
AS-9004 Bio-Active Collagen (Rat), 1gram
AS-9004(T) Bio-Active Collagen (Rat) 100mg


key features

· Faster gelation

· Optically clearer

· 4.0mg/ml concentration ( concentration can be customised )

· Sourced only from AVA approved material ( BSE and BVD free)

· Great for 3D culture and live cell imaging

· Tested negative for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma

· Stable at 4 deg for 1 year

· Superior to other type 1 collagen

· Suitable for biomedical, cosmetics & various research applications



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