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Mycoplasma Spray – 1000ml



Lack of mycoplasma decontamination practices result in cross contamination  when dealing with cells using affected instruments, laboratory space and inappropriate handling. The problem of contamination in incubators and/or sterile work-benches is often a serious one, leading to extensive damage. As soon as contamination appears in the incubator, it is very difficult to eliminate it, and severe damage can be caused. Therefore, it is essential to systematically clean and disinfect the incubator. It is recommended to disinfect every 14 days.

Key Features

  • Fast Action
  • Works across broad spectrum of fungi,bacteria, virus and mycoplasma
  • Compatible with common work surfaces, incubators, cell storage boxes and liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Long shelf life

Ordering Information

  • Cat no: AS-1000 Shelf life: 36 months
  • Package Size: 1000ml Storage: Room Temperature

Related Product

  • For detection of the presence of mycoplasma contaminating biological materials, such as cultured cells, we recommend using our Mycokit (20 reactions) Cat. No. K1000.
  • For elimination of mycoplasmas in cell cultures, we recommend using our Nanomycopulitine Concentrat® 20X Cat. No. L-X-16-100


Mycoplasma strain: A. laidlawii(PPLO agar medium)
Disc1: Blank (no agent)
Disc2: 70% ethanol
Disc3: BioMycoX Mycoplasma Prevention Spray








Additional information


Mycoplasma test kit 20 reactions.


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