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Marrowgrow 100ml


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Cytogenetics is concerned with the study of structure and function of the cell especially the chromosomes.

Karyotyping is often used in detection of abnormal chromosomes of fetus. This fetal cells for signs of numerical (eg. As trisomy) and structural (eg. As deletion) chromosomes are anomalies investigated that correlate with enzyme defects, growth retardation or one of the more than 75 other known syndromes.

For this purpose (puncture of the amniotic sac) or chorionic villus sampling (tissue sample) are obtained by means of suitable cells amniocentesis, which ideally should not possible be contaminated with maternal cells to allow a clear unambiguous diagnosis.

Karyotyping involves two stages of analysis. 1) Prenatal diagnosis and 2) Postnatal diagnosis

Overview of products:

  • Aminogrow 
  • Marrowgrow
  • Lymphogrow    

key features

· Marrowgrow –ready to use medium

· For growing leukemic bone marrow cells in the use of karyotyping and other tumor cytogenetic diagnostic

· Sterile filtered; 24 months expiry

· Supports very efficient cell growth; resulting in earlier chromosome analysis Contains gentamycin

· All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.



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