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Human Primary Nucleus Pulposus Cells


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Cat No: T4166

Quantity: 5 x 105 cells/1.0ml

Organism Homo sapiens
Source Organ Nucleus Pulposus
BioSafety Level II
Growth Properties Adherent
Morphology Epithelial-like
Disease Normal
Description The Human Primary Nucleus Pulposus Cells are cryopreserved at passage 2 and can be cultured and propagated for up to 10 doublings before senescence. They are isolated from normal human nucleus pulposus and can be used to study disc degeneration, tissue engineering and cell therapy for spine disc-related disorders.
Applications For Research Use Only
Propagation Use of PriCoat™ T25 Flasks (G299) or Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix (G422) is required for cell adhesion to the culture vessels. Grow cells in ECM-coated culture vessels with the following conditions. Grow cells in T25 ECM-coated flasks (G299) with the following conditions. The basal medium for this cell line is Prigrow X Medium available in abm, Cat. No. TM4166. Atmosphere: air, 95%; Carbon dioxide (CO2), 5%. Temperature: 37.0°C.
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