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Human Primary Esophageal Smooth Muscle Cells; 5 x 105 cells/1.0ml


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Quantity:5 x 105 cells/1.0ml

Organism Homo sapiens
Source Organ Esophagus
BioSafety Level II
Growth Properties Adherent
Morphology Multipolar
Disease Normal
Applications For Research Use Only
Markers alpha-actin
Propagation Use of PriCoat™ T25 Flasks (G299) or Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix (G422) is required for cell adhesion to the culture vessels. Grow cells in ECM-coated culture vessels with the following conditions. The base medium for this cell line is Prigrow X series medium available in ABM, Cat. No. TM4231.
Atmosphere: air, 95%; Carbon dioxide (CO2), 5%.
Procedure Overview

Important Considerations For Primary Cells

Primary Cell Handling Instructions Upon Arrival

Subculturing Protocol

Freezing Protocol

Thawing Protocol