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cGMP Recombinant Human Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor, rHu G-CSF

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Colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) are secreted glycoproteins that bind to receptor proteins on the surfaces of hemopoietic stem cells, thereby activating intracellular signaling pathways that can cause the cells to proliferate and differentiate into a specific kind of blood cell (usually white blood cells).

GM-CSF is a hematopoietic growth factor that functions to stimulate the development of neutrophils and macrophages. Recombinant human GM-CSF is a 14.6 kDa globular protein made up of 128 amino acids produced in E. coli.

Features and Specifications:

  • Custom packaging and sizes available
  • Single-use syringe configuration
  • Lyophilized or liquid format
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Sterile-filled
  • Custom biological activity assays available


Quality Statement

Akron’s cGMP Cytokines are manufactured, tested and released in compliance with relevant cGMP guidelines. USP Chapter ‹1043› “Ancillary materials for cell, gene and tissue-engineered products” has been followed in the design of these products.


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