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Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix; 25ml


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  In cell biology, processes such as cell differentiation, cell cycle and cell survival are affected by signals stimulated through cell adhesion. Therefore adhesion plays a fundamental role in in vitro studies. ABM’s Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix composes mainly of type I collagen, isolated from rat (Rattus rattus) tail tendon. Type I collagen is the most abundant form of collagen and differs from other collagens by its low lysine hydroxylation and low carbohydrate composition. This product is suitable for usage as a solid gel or for coating of culture wares. ABM’s Applied Cell Extracellular matrix on culture surfaces have been shown to enhance cell attachment in a wide variety of cell lines such as hepatocytes, fibroblasts and epithelial cells.
Procedure Overview
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-sterile liquid containing 4mg/ml of pure collagen (>95%).
-stored in 20 mM acetic acid (pH ~3.0).
-direct addition to culture wares for coating
-simple and rapid plate coating procedure.
-enhance cell attachment in a variety of primary cells.

Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix