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iMatrix 511 silk ( 6 x 175ug)



Generation of safe iPSC is critical for medical processes. To achieve that, a feeder free culture system must be designed under chemically defined conditions. Such a system must allow mass cultures of iPSCs.

Currently , feeder cells are needed for culture of ES cells and iPSCs. Matrigel is widely used when a researcher wants a feeder free culture system.

However  Matrigel have several unknown components  creating  batch inconsistency issues.

We are pleased to introduce iMatrix-511 a suitable substrate for iPSC and ESC culture

key features

1.  Drastically shorten preparation time using iMatrix 511 silk  versus conventional methods

Conventionally, feeder cells take a long time to prepare as it requires precise and controlled dissociation.  With iMatrix 511 silk  , time is drastically saved.

2. Ease of Handling

iMatrix 511 silk is easy to use

3. Greater efficiency in bulk proliferation over conventional methods

Traditionally, complete dissociation of iPSC colonies lead to extensive cell death  . Large aggregates results in spontaneous differentiation. With iMatrix 511 silk complete dissociation of iPSC is possible without extensive cell death.

4. Higher Passage Ratio

With iMatrix 511 silk  a higher passaging ratio is possible during subculture which was approximately 1: 10 compared with 1:4 for conventional methid.

5. Safety and high quality of substrate

Traditional feeder cells are derived from mouse and the popular matrigel is a substrate derived from EHS mouse sarcoma cells; giving rise to safety issues for medical applications.

iMatrix 511 silk

Highly purified by chromatography and processed in cGMP banked cells.  Risk of xenogeneic contamination is extremely low.



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