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Human Primary Thymic Epithelial Cells


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Quantity:5 x 105 cells/1.0ml

Organism Homo sapiens
Source Organ Thyroid
BioSafety Level II
Growth Properties Adherent
Morphology Polygonal
Disease Normal
Description The Human Primary Thymic Epithelial Cells are isolated from the human thymus. Thymic epithelial cells have a key role in regulating the development of thymocytes and the negative selection of autoreactive T-cells, in which allows studies in thymic functionality and possibly for treatments for autoimmune disorders.
Applications For Research Use Only
Propagation Grow cells in poly-L-lysine-coated flasks with the following conditions. The base medium for this cell line is Prigrow X series medium available in abm, Cat. No. TM4980. Atmosphere: air: 95%, CO₂: 5%; Temperature: 37.0°C.
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Important Considerations For Primary Cells

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