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2°C~8°C Medical Refrigerator – YC-968


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Constant Temperature under Intelligent Control

  • High-precision computerized temperature control system. The cabinet has built-in high-sensitivity temperature sensors, ensuring a constant temperature inside it

Security System

  • The well-developed audible & visual alarm system (with multiple audible & visual alarm functions, such as high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm sensor failure alarm, door opening alarm, power outage alarm) makes it sager for storage

High-efficiency Refrigeration

  • Equipped with environment-friendly Freon-free refrigerant R134a and compressor supplied by an international famous brand, the refrigerator is characterized by fast refrigeration and low noise

People-oriented Design

  • The refrigerator has a transparent double-layer thermal insulating glass door with the anti-condensation heating function; its liner and cabinet are made of stainless steel. The refrigerator is equipped with a temperature record printer and a backup battery