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KBM Neural Stem Cell 500ml


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This medium is specialized for the neurosphere assay which is widely applied research and development regarding neural stem cells (NSCs) and neural cells. By adding Neural Stem Cell Supplement to this medium and proceeding suspension culture, it is capable of culturing NSCs as neurospheres. Cultured neurospheres can produce new neurospheres by dispersing cells and re-culturing. It is also capable of inducing differentiation of NSCs into neural cells by adherent cell cultures of neurospheres, without addition of supplement.


  • Easier to optimize for downstream processes
  • More consistent and controlled performance
  • Increased growth rates for certain cell types
  • Defined results over long term studies
  • Avoid use of antibiotics as cells are more sensitive in serum-free environment
  • Cells must be in mid-logarithmic phase; with 90% viability before adaptation. More cells present aids the chances of having more viable cells
  • Titurate any clumps as it normally occurs in serum free
  • Slight morphology changes in serum free is normal. It would not affect results

**Other sizes on request

Key features

· Suitable for neurosphere assay

· Sterile filtered

· By adding Neural stem cell supplement to the media to culture neural cells as neurosphere

· Cultured neurospheres can produce enw neurospheres by dispersing cells and reculturing

· Induced differentiation of NSCs into neural cells by adherent cell cultures of neurospheres is possible

· All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.



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