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µ-Plate 24 Well Black


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A black 24 well plate with flat and clear bottom for high throughput applications in cell-based assays

key features

  • Ideal for cell microscopy
  • Excellent inner well flatness and whole plate flatness
  • Low well-to-well crosstalk in fluorescence microscopy

Instruction menu

Instruction menu
Length / width 127.8 / 85.5 mm
Height with / without lid 22.5 / 20.1 mm
Well-to-well distance 18.9 mm
Well clearance 1.2 mm
Single well diameter 16.3 mm
Single well depth 18.6 mm
Volume per well 1 ml
Growth area per well 1.90 cm2
Coating area per well using 1 ml 4.30 cm2
Inner well flatness ± 10 µm
Whole plate flatness ± 25 µm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip
Technical Features
  • Standard format, and dimensions of 85.5 x 127.5 mm (meets ANSI/SLAS (SBS) Standards)
  • 24 round wells with standard numbering
  • Compatible with automation equipment
  • Excellent inner well flatness and whole plate flatness
  • Suitable for fluorescence scanners
  • High-quality plastic bottom, which is compatible with solvents for staining and fixation, and also with immersion oil
  • Sterile, single packaging

Technical Drawing

Technical drawings and details are available in the Instructions (PDF).