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Dear valued customers,

We are happy to represent Vale Life Sciences to provide unique and innovative technologies for use in medical and drug discovery research.

Our products and tools are designed to improve the reproducibility and relevance of invitro cell and tissue based experimental models.

Developed to improve research outcomes by:

  • Increasing experimental reproducibility
  • Improving biological relevance
  • Significantly reducing costs
  • Being simple and easy to use


Our technologies:

  • Are designed to work seamlessly with automated systems
  • Do not require expensive capital outlay
  • Are compatible with all conventional laboratory equipment


Research applications include:

  • Oncology & Chronic Disease Models
  • Stem Cell Culture
  • Primary Cell Culture and Expansion
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Biosensors
  • Microscopy and High Content Imaging


Our mission is to provide high quality, robust, and innovative research tools to sustain the current and future needs of the scientific community.

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Mycoplasma contamination occurs in 15% of cell lines in the US and about 50%-80% in different laboratories in Asia.

Lack of mycoplasma decontamination practices result in cross contamination when dealing with cells using affected instruments, laboratory space and inappropriate handling.

The problem of contamination in incubators and/or sterile work-benches is often a serious one, leading to extensive damage.

As soon as contamination appears in the incubator, it is very difficult to eliminate it, and severe damage can be caused. Therefore, it is essential to systematically clean and disinfect the incubator. It is recommended to disinfect every 14 days.

Do contact us for the complete range of mycoplasma decontamination products!

Lets KICK OUT mycoplasma!

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Denova Life Science’s patented DNSkin™  system  is three dimensional cellular system of ASIAN human epidermal keratinocytes for in vitro testing. A leading system in Singapore; it has proven to be an excellent tool to examining various chemical pharmaceutical and skin care applications.

Do contact us at to have a free consultation. Or kindly download their corporate Company brochure


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